1. Although mother’s day is a relatively new holiday in America, more and more other countries are also setting aside a day to honor their mothers.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  在美国,尽管母亲节时间夏天对来讲并不长,但世界上越来越多的国家都开始规定某一天为母亲节,来表达对他们母亲的敬意。

  2. No longer was she so gentle, so relaxed and easy-going.


  3. Some people think that man might be able to solve both problems at the same time.


  4. Sometimes what people say hides their real meaning.


  5. The minute you spend thinking about the real meaning of what people say to you may save another mistake.


  6. Contrary to popular belief, colds are not caused by exposure to severe weather.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  和人们的普遍想法相反,感冒并非恶劣的气候造成。

  7. The custom can be traced back to the roman era.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  付小费这种习俗这种风俗可以追溯到古罗马时代。

  8. A more common belief is tips were first given in the 18th century England.


  9. In America and Europe it is customary to tip anywhere from 10% to 20%.


  10. Today most people decide the size of tip according to the quality of the service.


  11. People who usually cannot afford it are the biggest tippers in front of their friends.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  往往是那些付不起大额小费的人在朋友面前付小费最大方。

  12. Many analysts suggest that this added pressure disproportionately touches the women, who already carry major responsibility for their own children.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  许多分析家认为,对于那些已经承担了繁重的养儿育女责任的妇女们来说,这无疑是雪上加霜。

  13. Perhaps the most important issue that emerges from the social trends just described is the impact of family instability and single parenting on children.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  也许上述社会倾向所产生的最重要的问题是家庭的不稳定性及单亲家庭对儿童的影响。

  14. When this happens, the government should decrease the salaries of the workers by raising taxes.


  15. While this might appear to be a positive step, it is actually regressive.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  尽管这样做表面上看是一种积极的措施,可实际上却是消极的。

  16. While this law is not without humor by today’s standards, it clearly shows an awareness of the problem in times gone by.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  尽管这个法律按当今的标准来看是很滑稽的,但它却表明很久以前人们就已经估计到这一点了。

  17. the motives for suicide can be categorized into areas such as failure, wrath(暴怒), the need for attention, stress, and so on.


  18. To make the problem even more involved, people will often camouflage(掩盖)their true feelings, thus causing their friends to disregard problems that should be viewed as serious.


  19. Henry’s goal was to design and equip vessels that would be capable of making long ocean voyages without having to hug the shore.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  亨利王子的目标是要使设计和装备的轮船能进行长途的航行,而不需要经常靠岸。

  20. Coal was one of the first minerals to be mined on a big scale, to provide fuel for heating homes.


  21. During this time the selling price, and so profits, will go up and down depending on world demand.


  22. Many of us believe that a person’s mind becomes less active as he grows older.


  23. This means that it took them longer to accomplish mental tasks than it used to.


  24. For example, the older person perhaps had trouble hearing, or poor vision, or inattention, or was trying to learn the new thing at too fast a pace.


  25. Not only was the shop a center of buying and selling, but also a social meeting place.

山东福彩网_[开户赠金]  过去商店不仅仅是一个买卖东西的地方,而且是一个社交场合。

  26. He will have to give advice and make decisions as problems arise, and he must know how to get his huge staff to work efficiently with their respective responsibilities.


  27. Numerous studies have now shown that the overwhelming majority of colds are “caught” by hand contact.